Enjoy Pisa Food&Wine 2018!


Fruity and pungent olive oils, fragrant truffles, frothy beers, pasta, cured meats and cheese, snails, sauces, jams, cakes, wines, traditional and original spirits. These are the main ingredients of the 7th “Terre di Pisa Food & Wine Festival” (19-21 October 2018 – Pisa, Stazione Leopolda), a journey in taste to discover the typical local products and the old recipes in the “Terre di Pisa” area. An opportunity for visitors to get to know and taste, directly by the producers, unique flavors and a selection of high quality products, the same used at the cooking shows where traditional dishes are revisited by the chefs of local restaurants.

A “Terre di Pisa” cocktail drink with tasty appetizers, served by the Italian Bartender Association on the Leopolda terrace marks the opening of the festival.
A delight for your eyes, taste buds and mind. Further attention is given to the healthy nutrition at the info desk, with a focus on the daily use of the products in a balanced diet, according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet.

The established cooperation with the Matteotti Hotel Management School, with the local associations and with the University of Pisa, all sharing the event objectives, is being repeated again.
Taste laboratories are dedicated to wine and in particular to the DOC “Terre di Pisa” with a special focus on the white wines, the dessert wines and the “vin santo”.

The Oil Bar is open to those who want to understand, under the assistance of experts, the taste and smell olfactory qualities of the extra virgin olive oil on bread, tomatoes and legumes.

The “Ludoteca del Gusto” area where children and parents have fun together discovering and experiencing the secrets of a tasty and healthy diet through different activities under the supervision of experts from the University of Pisa.

Beer lovers are invited to participate as judges at the “Terre di Pisa Beer Contest”, closing the three days festival and awarding the best craft beer “made in Pisa”

Enjoy your food or meal in the Terre di Pisa! Buon appetito!